10th Dimension: November 2004

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Electric Clothing - Place Your Message Here.

I was reading Josh Rubin's CoolHunting Blog yesterday, and he has a link to a video of a NYX sweatshirt that can have a message scrolling across it. The idea is that you can enter text into a Palm running an application called NYX software and have the text appear as a message in a panel on the front and back of an item of clothing. This suggests all kinds of possibilities, apart from the commercial advertising you might be able to put more detail and have pictures.

GizMag says about the NYX Clothing, that you can sync the message to a sound file and have the message pulse to a beat. GizMag also points out that NYX company CEO John Bell, says that a prototype can be purchased for US$900 and that a consumer version will be available early 2005 for US$250.

This technology is similar to an idea that appeared in July at E3 and had people talking about it called T-Shirt TV. Which places a small TV screen on the chest of the wearer, and has been used to good effect recently to advertise the movie I-Robot.

T-Shirt TV is an advertising tool you can't go out and buy one for impressing your friends or to provide information or even to show people your work. Where NYX is a communication device, when you purchase the clothing and the software, you can use it for what you want. Sure its not available until 2005, but there will be more of this kind of technology and eventually better choices.

What will people use it for? I imagine people will start of by putting cheeky things on them and eventually get sick of that and start using it to communicate. Imagine when you are standing in a line and the person in charge who is directing people waits until you reach the front asks you a question and then directs you to where you want to go. The question and answer could be displayed on the Shirt.

I'm sure people will come up with some very ingenious ways of using this technology.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Back to the Blog

I just had to slip out to another dimension for a moment. I've been listening to the podcasts being posted on audio.weblogs.com that cover sessions held at the recent BloggerCon III. Today I stumbled across a link at the Internet Archive, to a video of Adam Curry's Podcasting session and noticed in the heading it was Part 3 of 4, and on returning to the site found the other parts there, and that 16 people had dnld'd the 3rd part and 6 the other parts. I hope if any one searches with Technorati they will find this post and all the links.

I heard in Robert Scoble's session " Blogging Overload " while discussing how to aggragate blogs into more user friendly lists by users defined attributes, mention of a site called TenbyTen and went to have a look...wow....what a cool idea.

There have been a few sessions posted and thankyou to all the people that put so much effort into bringing this to the desktop's of those of us who didn't/couldn't attend, I'm looking foward to listening to more of them.

It looks as if the Beeb are experimenting with Podcasting, a Melvyn Bragg Radio4 show RSS feed has been posted on their Radio website, in mp3 format, for download. This appears to be to see if its a popular and postive way of distribution. I'm sure it will be and I'm going to be listening to the next one.

Here is a direct link for those without an iPod and using a PC to hear their Podcasts.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Are you receiving me?

I have recorded my first podcast, and submitted the link to ipodder.org for consideration, and I'm hoping that I will see it posted on the audio.weblog.com latest 100 list soon. I expect that the US election will be taking up a bit of peoples time over the next day or two so we will see what happens.

Its a bit daunted recording something on your PC and putting it out there for the whole world to listen to or laugh at. Unless of course it is a comedy Podcast.

I'm still working on links here and there to make everything work in unison, on the different hosting solutions that I have. Its coming together slowly and seems to be working. I've just added an XML Feed link to this page so people that have iPodder.NET or iPodder running on their machine can subscribe to my Podcast.

As for the Podcast, I've called it the EscapePod, and I think the name speaks for itself. I listened to a few versions of my 1st Podcast and decided to release the one that I did, even though there are still a few things I wasn't pleased with. There were a few parts where I rambled on a bit and a level issue with the first song but other than that I could live with the other minor blips in it. It's supposed to be more spontaneous anyway I think that's the whole idea, to be more real and less zeal.

The format is a loose framework at the moment, so that I could keep track of what ideas and items I had covered, so I'll work on that over time. I would like to have some CG content, but have been concentrating so much on the technical issues involved in the delivery of this Podcast that I haven't been keeping up to date with the developments in the CG and 3D Art community lately. But that will change soon enough, so if you are interested in 3D or Cg then stay tuned for more.

So my first post regarding CG is that Lord of the Rings - The Battle for Middle Earth, RTS is due for release this week. Being made by EA LA this game will have a full 3D environment and characters, it has a lot of features that have been designed to make the playing of RTS games more challenging and enjoyable and it also has some great graphics. I'm a bit disappointed in some of the animation timing and the polygon levels are pretty low but I think that these factors are probably due to budget constraint and CPU usage rather than vision and skill. I've enjoyed following the development of the game and have been watching the "Inside the Battle - Video Interviews."

My next task that I need to complete is the reduction of my Demo Reel from 89mb to 30mb so that I can fit it on the server space that I have so I can link to it.

Monday, November 01, 2004

No time to change Lightblulbs.

I'm in the process of producing my first Podcast,......maybe post it tonight.
I recently purchased a website (3dpodcast.com) and I am working on all that as well.

Check out Dave Winers latest Podcast " Music of the Blogospheres.