10th Dimension: October 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010

One more time.

I had another go at this sculpt. Its been sitting around since June last year and the head I did as a bust in August 2010. Then the other day I thought it would fit together if I ripped the head off the bust. I shortened the fingers and made a couple of other minor tweaks including adding hair to the slave.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Holiday almost over.

I started doing sculpting to learn anatomy for zbrush sculpting. I found out that you can't just sit down and sculpt, you need to decide which clay, and buy armature wire etc. So I bought some soft Klean Klay for $30, which never goes hard and found out quite quickly that it was great fun.

But I needed hard clay not soft. I made the following anatomy study in soft clay so I can't get any more details like small fingers because it just gets too maliable really quick when it warms up. So this is as far as this will go.

I have got some hard clay but that is still a bit to soft, so now I'll try super sculpey. Might try and finish the dinosaur I started in hard clay after this guy .

Friday, October 29, 2010

Old and New Study's.

Heres a few older studies of painting in photoshop, and another attempt at painting today. I chose the goat's head because I sketched one in the morning and it was easier than thinking up a new subject.

Theres a few coloured pencil drawings because I've never used them before to do a complete picture, and I wanted to see what they could look like, The one that is my interpretation of a painting by Stanley Palmer is Pencil and scanned and reworked in photoshop.

I'm reminded when I look at this post that real paintings are not done in a day, and the last one confirms that, so I have a long way to go but I'm one step closer today than I was yesterday, as Hokusai said by the time I'm 110 I should be really good.

The Hobbit is in the hole.

The Hobbit is in the hole. The groundwork has been done.


Great news for all those of us who wanted to get the films made here, not only for the work that some will get, but for the continuity of the look and feel of the end product with its companion LOTR. Not that the props and scenes could not be reproduced and used overseas, but that the implementation of ideas (the kinds of ideas that we come up with to solve and enhance a scene or situation) sometimes needs more than a workforce, it needs a community and as a small country with ties to the source material, we can do that.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

In a hole in the ground lived..............?

Went to Armageddon AK today, It's much bigger than it was last time I went, which is good. Met Greg Broadmore, which was cool, He signed my copy of Victory and even drew a pic of Lord Cockswain inside the front cover with a Signature " Thanks Greg." I did'nt take my copy of The Art of District 9, for him to sign I thought 1 was enough and I have'nt opened it yet, I'm saving it for my Birthday, as a present to myself.

I also meet a few other nice people the Sheehan Bros who have a lot of very cool stuff, they had a booth with alot of other peoples work as well as their own self Published 5 Episode Comic The Inhabitants.

Another person I met was Jeremiah, from a group of artists who had some very good Anime, and a guy from his crew had a cool SuperSculpey Hellboy that he was showing off, but was not there. Unfortunately the card that he gave me, has a link to a site that is under construction.

The 501st was there, that was cool to see, you know that your local event has reached maturity when you have a local outpost of the 501st. Here's one of the only shots I took, I thought the other guy looked alot like an old prospecting buddy of mine from Sub Turrel 9.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Holidays.

Almost at the holiday I've been waiting for. I want to catch up on a few things, if I can, so I have to plan carefully to take advantage of the uninterupted block of time. I want to finish my dino sculpt in clay, get upto speed on ZBrush 4 , so that my christmas break is on doing creative stuff instead of technical stuff.

I have been doing lots of sketch's of character poses which are basic mannequin type silhouettes. So I want to progress onto types of characters and translate those into photoshop concept characters (eg: clothes,armour and weapons = warrior. etc). Heres some quick sketches to lay the foundation for those areas and keep warmed up for my holiday which is in 2 days.

I'm still learning alot of the painting technique so the last image is an exercise to see if I can get from sketch to painting, so I did'nt finish it.

Thats All for Now.