10th Dimension: In a hole in the ground lived..............?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

In a hole in the ground lived..............?

Went to Armageddon AK today, It's much bigger than it was last time I went, which is good. Met Greg Broadmore, which was cool, He signed my copy of Victory and even drew a pic of Lord Cockswain inside the front cover with a Signature " Thanks Greg." I did'nt take my copy of The Art of District 9, for him to sign I thought 1 was enough and I have'nt opened it yet, I'm saving it for my Birthday, as a present to myself.

I also meet a few other nice people the Sheehan Bros who have a lot of very cool stuff, they had a booth with alot of other peoples work as well as their own self Published 5 Episode Comic The Inhabitants.

Another person I met was Jeremiah, from a group of artists who had some very good Anime, and a guy from his crew had a cool SuperSculpey Hellboy that he was showing off, but was not there. Unfortunately the card that he gave me, has a link to a site that is under construction.

The 501st was there, that was cool to see, you know that your local event has reached maturity when you have a local outpost of the 501st. Here's one of the only shots I took, I thought the other guy looked alot like an old prospecting buddy of mine from Sub Turrel 9.


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