10th Dimension: Vodcast, ViPodding or Vlogging, video Podcasting.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Vodcast, ViPodding or Vlogging, video Podcasting.

Will Apple keep up or will they get left behind on this one... lets wait and see.

There is another interesting article (As there always is.) on Wired.com , this time about video Podcasting. Following the links in the article leads to some useful places and info about Vlogging. I've only had a brief look through the me-tv Wiki, but there is vast amounts of info there and obviously it will only get bigger and better, being a Wiki.

Now if we can turn a TV off with TV-B-Gone, and replace it with a vlog from our wireless hand held...that would be very MaxHeadroom.

I think its time to get something together to Vlog, this development is definitely getting closer to the idea I had for 3dpodcast.com. Although I don't envisage being able to use it to download manually as I am now, except by cutting and pasting html, I can put stuff up for others to subscribe to.

me-tv video blogging Wiki.

me-tv video blogging aggregator project.

vogbrowser video blogging aggregator project.

Ant Not TV desktop video viewer project.

videoblogging info

To some of the people who have contacted me and are still waiting on replies, I don't have a lot of time right now (like everyone else, I suppose.) but will get back to you as soon as time permits and maybe even get some time to podcast and try a little vlogging.


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