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Monday, November 15, 2004

Back to the Blog

I just had to slip out to another dimension for a moment. I've been listening to the podcasts being posted on audio.weblogs.com that cover sessions held at the recent BloggerCon III. Today I stumbled across a link at the Internet Archive, to a video of Adam Curry's Podcasting session and noticed in the heading it was Part 3 of 4, and on returning to the site found the other parts there, and that 16 people had dnld'd the 3rd part and 6 the other parts. I hope if any one searches with Technorati they will find this post and all the links.

I heard in Robert Scoble's session " Blogging Overload " while discussing how to aggragate blogs into more user friendly lists by users defined attributes, mention of a site called TenbyTen and went to have a look...wow....what a cool idea.

There have been a few sessions posted and thankyou to all the people that put so much effort into bringing this to the desktop's of those of us who didn't/couldn't attend, I'm looking foward to listening to more of them.

It looks as if the Beeb are experimenting with Podcasting, a Melvyn Bragg Radio4 show RSS feed has been posted on their Radio website, in mp3 format, for download. This appears to be to see if its a popular and postive way of distribution. I'm sure it will be and I'm going to be listening to the next one.

Here is a direct link for those without an iPod and using a PC to hear their Podcasts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Mike, i went to check out 10 x 10 since you mentioned it, here on the, ahem, 10th dimension. hadn't heard about it before... cool idea!

are you going to be doing more podcasting?


November 27, 2004 at 8:31 AM  
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