10th Dimension: Desktop vs Handheld

Monday, October 25, 2004

Desktop vs Handheld

I'm still new to this Podcasting phenomenon, and as I've pointed out already, I don't have a handheld device. So I'm still trying to find a setup that enables me to use this technology, as a PC user. I should also point out that I am one of those unfortunate people who upgraded just before PC's reached the 1 Gb mark, and I got WinME with my machine. Otherwise I would be installing iTunes, and trying that out and using iPodder.

I have now removed Jaeger, which kept updating everything I've subscribed to everyday, instead of only what I had'nt already downloaded. I've installed Active Web Reader as my news aggregator, and I've already discovered that I have 4 compulsory folders of feeds, oh well I suppose thats why it's free.

As far as Podcasts go I'll continue with iPodder.NET and I'll manually edit the config file to incl/excl the feeds that I want updated. There is a checkbox in the prog that doesn't seem to work, which I'm assuming is to toggle the feed.
Maybe it's just good luck that this prog works the way I want, it could be it is designed only to sync an iPod with playerlists as well.

I am looking into a hosting package with a company in NZ, because if I need support I can call their free 0800 number. They offer 100mb space and 4Gb traffic/mth, for $12.49 a mth (US$10.45). Then I can at last podcast some content, instead of just listening to everyone else's great stuff. My ISP recently offered to reduce my "All you can eat." dialup package by $8 a mth, which would offset some of my hosting costs.

Just a note about the fact that I'm concentrating my efforts on a desktop deployment of this idea. I think that there might be two markets for this application. The mobile and the desktop/lounge, I mean its going to get more like Tivo and therefore become a Home Media app as well. And the mobile market might tend be listening to Podcasts that cover all subjects, while a less mobile market might tend to listen to more specialised subjects.


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