10th Dimension: Mr Incredible loves Indy music.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mr Incredible loves Indy music.

Only two weeks to go till the new Pixar movie "The Incredibles." I'm really looking foward to this, something fresh after all the hype and rehashing of stories that most movies are these days. Plus Pixar has also designed some nice characters and modelled them in 3D, which sounds easier than it is.

For those running XP there is a answer phone type plugin for Skype, the VoiP program that lets you talk to your friends anywhere for free, well for the cost of an Internet account and a phone line. The plugin is called Telecorder, and it is in beta at the moment but definately worth a look, you can also use it to record conversations which of course is great for podcasting an interview.

Adam Curry mentioned Good Music (Indy) today and I found a great place for Good Music, well Mark Vande Wettering mentioned it in his Podcast. The Internet Archive is a great place with heaps to choose from. Check it out if your looking for music for your podcast, and The Indy Feed is another great place, to find music that is not licensed and therefore can be used by everyone.

I also have had trouble installing iPodder, I keep getting a mscvrt.dl error when I try to start it. I think if I had iTunes installed this may not happen or if I used Win Media Player playlists, but I don't wish to go to that extreme, all I want is Podcasts downloaded to a folder so I can WinAmp them, and would like to be able to manage my feeds, so I can download the ones that I want for today without editing the XML.config which is what I'm having to do with iPodder.NET. So today I downloaded Jaeger to try out. I'm sure iPodder will get better as it's only version 1.0, but I thought I'd try this in the meantime.


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