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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Electric Clothing - Place Your Message Here.

I was reading Josh Rubin's CoolHunting Blog yesterday, and he has a link to a video of a NYX sweatshirt that can have a message scrolling across it. The idea is that you can enter text into a Palm running an application called NYX software and have the text appear as a message in a panel on the front and back of an item of clothing. This suggests all kinds of possibilities, apart from the commercial advertising you might be able to put more detail and have pictures.

GizMag says about the NYX Clothing, that you can sync the message to a sound file and have the message pulse to a beat. GizMag also points out that NYX company CEO John Bell, says that a prototype can be purchased for US$900 and that a consumer version will be available early 2005 for US$250.

This technology is similar to an idea that appeared in July at E3 and had people talking about it called T-Shirt TV. Which places a small TV screen on the chest of the wearer, and has been used to good effect recently to advertise the movie I-Robot.

T-Shirt TV is an advertising tool you can't go out and buy one for impressing your friends or to provide information or even to show people your work. Where NYX is a communication device, when you purchase the clothing and the software, you can use it for what you want. Sure its not available until 2005, but there will be more of this kind of technology and eventually better choices.

What will people use it for? I imagine people will start of by putting cheeky things on them and eventually get sick of that and start using it to communicate. Imagine when you are standing in a line and the person in charge who is directing people waits until you reach the front asks you a question and then directs you to where you want to go. The question and answer could be displayed on the Shirt.

I'm sure people will come up with some very ingenious ways of using this technology.


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