10th Dimension: September 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Did'nt get much done this last week, sketching wise. I did some anatomy study sketches which I will concentrate more time on and try and do lots of and a couple of sketches. Heres a Beast of some type and a Demon of some fiendish place, just my own take on some stuff I've absorbed somewhere. The Goatish type is of Egyptian influence.

I did'nt step back from the Beast sketch to check the overall form and consequently it ended up a bit skewed in the chest and some other areas. I also sketched in the outlines too heavily in black ballpoint and they show through.

The Demon doing a Batman type leap, is part bat and rat, with little hair like things coming off the arms like crayfish (lobster) have, and rudimentary claws for hands.

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Dinosaurs but Warhammer.

I did a few more sketches of Dino's I'm watching David Krentz's tutorial again and drawing as I follow along with the steps in the Tutorial.

I saw a Trailer for Warhammer Ultramarines on the weekend and it reminded me of how cool the drawings are for the Beasts of Chaos, I have'nt had much to do with Warhammer except my interest in the art, which was started when I saw Game Cinematics for Mark of Chaos, Battle March, Age of Reckoning and started finding out more about the Warhammer Universe.

I was always told that art was about originality, so I have'nt spent much time copying other art or subjects from life, except on the odd occasion that I copied a piece of art, once or twice. Now that I realise that is the only way to add to and enhance your minds store of reference and improve, I am making a concerted effort to fill up that store of reference now.

I watched a Bobby Chiu Interview with I think it was Jason Seiler (Check out these great interviews) and Jason spoke of how he got a copy of an art book by one of his influences and went through the whole book drawing each picture until he got them right, he pointed out, not to do this to draw like another artist but to add to your repetoire.

I don't have time to render any sketches into finished work in Photoshop at the moment although I would just love to be able to sit down and spend a couple of 12 hr days and work on some, until the end of next month when I will be able to do that, so I'll concentrate on thumbs,anatomy and turning poses in space until then.

So at the moment I'm working on getting these thumbs to a stage where I can draw them from memory and looking as much like the Warhammer stuff as I can with a bit of personal flavour and then I can do some action poses with them.

I'm working on a Klean Clay Dino Sculpture which I will post some pics of soon. It looks a bit like a naked chicken at the moment.