10th Dimension: December 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Dino Sculpt.

I really wanted to get a sculpt going, and don't have much free time. My main concern is building an armature with the correct proportions, I'm sure when you have done alot of them you build up a technique like the Shiflett Bros do Here, from experience and familiarity with the proportions much like sketching anatomy with a pencil but with wire.

I wanted to do a dino. I have to finish detailing the feet and work the abdomen abit (well the more I look the more there is to do but I have to stop at some point) then the skin details stage, the clay is very soft. The armature is not robust enough so the model flex's while working on it so I have stabilised it with the pillars under the wrists until its finished . The bottom jaw sticks out too far for my liking, but the model is only an exercise (this is my third sculpt), so I will move onto the next one rather than redo the head of the armature and resculpting it.

I would have liked to put relaxed muscles on one limb and bulging under strain on the other, and define all the muscles and the form with some exaggeration here and there and some more accurate depiction of the neck and a way better head etc etc but I think I just need to do alot more sculpts to be able to achieve those goals, and perhaps work in a firmer clay like sculpy or do bigger sculpts so I can get in there to do the fiddly stuff.

This is not a species its a conglomeration from ref and sketches combined with my imagination.